I cannot validate the API Key, how to solve this?

If you ever received this message:
Your firewall may be blocking us. Please contact your hosting provider and ask them to allow connections from your site to api.shortpixel.com (IP
then most likely this is caused by some firewall restriction in place that only your hosting provider can assist you with.
To be more precise, the outgoing connections from your server (where you have your website hosted) to our API (port 80 or 443) are not allowed.

You can easily check that this is the case for you this way:

  1. install WPTerm plugin on your WordPress

  2. select "terminal" after you installed and activated the plugin

    and you should see an interface like this

  3. on that interface, from command line try these 2 commands
    $telnet api.shortpixel.com 80
    $telnet api.shortpixel.com 443
    you should see the results of these command looking like in this example
    If you cannot replicate the output as in this example above then please go ahead and contact your hosting provider letting them know about this outgoing restriction from your server to api.shortpixel.com port 80 or 443 and they should be able to assist you.

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