Why am I getting a warning about a conflict with a thumbnail regeneration plugin?

ShortPixel Image Optimizer optimizes images, and almost all the plugins that are used to regenerate thumbnails (or have this option available) can make ShortPixel to optimize the images multiple times. And this can cause your images to be overoptimized. Here's more information about this: Why are my images re-compressed?

Some plugins that can cause this overoptimization are:

The list is not limited to those listed. As mentioned, almost all thumbnail regeneration plugins can conflict

There are two possible solutions for this:

  1. Check our own thumbnail regeneration plugin which is compatible with ShortPixel Image Optimizer.
  2. You can deactivate ShortPixel Image Optimizer while you perform the thumbnail regeneration, and once you finish, re-activate it. This will not prevent losing ShortPixel's metadata (which means that ShortPixel won't remember whether an image was optimized), but at least it won't automatically re-compress the images leading to over-optimization.
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