Why do I get the message "Efficiently encode images" when using ShortPixel?

If GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights or other web speed checkers are complaining about one or more images on your website after you installed, configured and run our plugin, here are some common reasons why this is happening:

  1. The image was optimized but it still retains its EXIF data.
    Some speed testing websites will complain about an image not being optimized enough because they usually remove the EXIF data (which can take up to 8% of the image size). If you chose to keep the EXIF data on ShortPixel's settings, then you can safely ignore this message.
  2. The image was optimized and it still retains its color profile.
    Speed testing websites will generally remove the color profile data from images. ShortPixel chooses to keep this data as otherwise the colors of the image may look altered on different browsers.
  3. The image has not been optimized yet.
    It is possible that a specific image was not able to be optimized for some reason during the bulk optimization. To check this, simply go to your Media Library, and check if the image was optimized.
  4. The speed tester is seeing an old version of your images.
    Also known as "cache", sometimes the speed tester still sees the old versions of your images. Make sure to clear the cache of your WordPress website, and then try again.
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