"Lenghty operation in process", what is this?

If you see this message when you bulk optimize your images (in the Media > Bulk ShortPixel menu), there are a number of possible reasons why it appears.

  • The plugin is trying to optimize some very large images, and the process itself is taking an unusually long time.
  • The internet connection to your website is poor, and this means that the entire download and upload process to and from your server is taking longer than usual.
  • Your website is protected by a firewall. Make sure you whitelist our IPs from your security plugin(s), hosting/server and CDN (if you use Cloudflare, please read this article).
  • You have some restrictive rules in your .htaccess file. You can quickly check if this is the reason for the problem by temporarily changing the name of the file to .htaccess_tmp and then try again to see if the plugin works better. After you fix the problem, you can change the name back to the original name.
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