How does ShortPixel Image Optimizer work?

Our lightweight plugin sends your images to our Image Optimization Cloud, where they are compressed and optimized and then returned to your website. Here's step by step how ShortPixel Image Optimizer (SPIO) works:

  1. An image is uploaded to the site or, alternatively, you tell ShortPixel to optimize an existing image(s).
  2. SPIO detects the image (and its thumbnails) and sends it to ShortPixel's optimization servers.
  3. The image is optimized and sent back to the site.
  4. SPIO replaces the physical unoptimized image (and its thumbnails) with the optimized one from the optimization servers. Optionally, a backup is created.

This process is done for every image (and respective thumbnails if you selected so) you optimize on your site, whether you do it from Media > Bulk ShortPixel, from your Media Library one by one, or for new uploads.

To be clear, ShortPixel Image Optimizer only replaces your physical image files:

  • SPIO does not edit how your webpage looks
  • SPIO does not modify the code of your webpage (unless you are delivering WebP or AVIF files).
  • SPIO does not change your alt texts, titles, descriptions or any other image metadata.
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