I installed ShortPixel Adaptive Images but it doesn't seem to work.

If you installed ShortPixel Adaptive Images (SPAI) on your website and it doesn't seem to work then the usual reasons are:

  • the CDN URL is not correct, by default it should be like below, only change it if you know what you're doing:

  • you use a caching plugin or your hosting provider uses a caching mechanism. The solution is to flush your cache.
  • you use Litespeed plugin. The solution: go to LiteSpeed Cache > Settings > [6] Tuning (you have to have advanced options enabled). There disable JS Combine or (possibly better) exclude ai.min.js from being combined. (thanks to Mads)
  • there is another plugin or theme that has lazy load activated and this conflicts with SPAI. The solution is to deactivate this functionality in the plugin or theme that use it.

Known conflicts and solutions:

  • In some cases having Hummingbird plugin active will disable jQuery serving. Currently ShortPixel Adaptive Images requires jQuery to function so the solution is to deactivate this plugin.


  • you need to have "Image Optimization" and "Lazy load" turned off

  • and also you may need to have "Aggregate CSS" option turned off

You need to deactivate lazy-load for images

and you may also need to deactivate the "Combine JS files"

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