A few things about the current ShortPixel-AppSumo deal (2019)

First of all thank you for considering buying this new ShortPixel deal with AppSumo and/or for your previous purchase! :-)
We've received many questions and reactions about this deal and while we really tried to offer the best deal possible we were surprised to discover that many of our past deal-buyers felt betrayed :-(

We believe it would help us all if we tried to clarify a few things:

  • this is a new deal that can be used with 2 different products. One is the good old ShortPixel Image Optimizer. The other one is ShortPixel Adaptive Images which is our brand new plugin that tries to solve the image optimization problem in a different & simple way. You can learn more about the differences between the two plugins here. And here's why ShortPixel Adaptive Images is good for your website.
  • this current deal has 12K image optimization credits vs. 5K in the past because it is more expensive.
  • ShortPixel Adaptive Images not only optimizes & crops images but it can also serve them from ShortPixel CDN. A CDN is something that involves an ongoing cost. I believe it is better to be upfront and offer something that we, people working at ShortPixel, can sustain over the long term than to oversell. We believe it is in interest of all Sumo-lings, past and new, for ShortPixel to have a profitable business model, right? :-)
  • for our previous deal buyers: any Sumo-ling that bought a LTD in the past can still use the credits with ShortPixel Adaptive Images (which is a new product, by the way) but they need to use they own CDN (e.g. Cloudflare). We believe this is an excellent deal as it takes 5 minutes to set up "cdn.your-domain.com" via Cloudflare and start using ShortPixel. You don't need to buy a new deal to do that.
  • also for our previous buyers: you can also use your codes for WP plugins where ShortPixel has intergrations such as Autoptimize

And I'd like to end this by quoting a past-and-present ShortPixel deal buyer:
This deal is an even BETTER value (more credits + features) + still stackable to your existing account AND it is only $39 a shot (take your 10% off AS+ members too!) - I am not complaining about this, just like I am not complaining about a deal a supermarket does and then repeats and offers more a week later!
Come on guys, we want founders to keep on coming back with solid products - this is a REALLY solid product and the fact it is even more generous now is great! Get stacking - you won't regret it and your website and on-page SEO will really benefit with optimised imagery!

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