This plugin is creating new thumbnails, how can I stop it?

In the previous versions, WordPress generated 3 image sizes by default, which can still be edited on Settings > Media:

  • Thumbnail: default size 150x150
  • Medium: default size 300x300
  • Large: default size 1024x1024

Recently, new thumbnails have been introduced by WordPress and they can't be easily disabled or edited.These are:

  • Medium Large (registered in WordPress as medium_large): maximum size 768px wide
  • 2x Medium Large (registered in WordPress as 1536x1536): maximum size 1536px
  • 2x Large (registered in WordPress as 2048x2048): maximum size 2048px
  • Scaled (it adds the suffix -scaled to the image): maximum size 2560px

Since they cannot be edited and they are not listed anywhere, it is normal to think that one of our plugins created those out of nowhere. These thumbnails are created by WordPress, not by ShortPixel.

To stop generating them, you can follow an online article that guides you through the process.

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