I use Safari and SPIO, and I can't see WebP images. How can I solve it?

JPG/PNG served instead of WebP

ShortPixel Image Optimizer (SPIO) has an option to deliver the WebP images to all compatible browsers, which is located on Settings > ShortPixel > Advanced > Next Generation Images.

In theory, Safari does support WebP only from version 14 (or iOS 14). Therefore, if Safari 14 is detected, SPIO will serve the original picture instead of the WebP counterpart. Having said that, we have received reports that it's not always enough to have Safari 14 in order to get WebP support. While we find out if this is supposed to work or not, if you see that the original image is served instead of the WebP image, we advise you to test our alternative plugin ShortPixel Adaptive Images, which should properly handle this situation.

Image doesn't show up at all

If the issue is that your images are completely gone when the Deliver the next generation versions... option is active, there could be a few possible explanations why this feature doesn't work:

  • Your browser still has old versions of your images. Make sure to clear your browser cache as well: https://clear-my-cache.com/
  • You have a CDN in front of your website, which is not compatible with the alternative WebP delivery method (via .htaccess). There's a chance that this alternative method was selected at a certain point in ShortPixel's settings, and while this setting was on, the CDN cached the .webp versions of the files, which are now being served to all browsers, including Safari. The solution is easy:

    1. Go to Settings > ShortPixel > Advanced > Next Generation Images and select Using the <PICTURE> tag syntax:
    2. Clear your CDN cache from your CDN control panel. It is important to not clear the CDN cache using a plugin; sometimes plugins cannot clear images from your CDN cache.
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