FAQ - Android app (ShortPixel Photo Optimizer)

I can not see all the pictures that I have on my phone. Why?

Unfortunately, the current version of the application supports only internal storage. SD cards may be supported in the next versions of the app.

How does the image optimization work? Are the images stored somewhere?

ShortPixel Photo Optimizer sends the photos on the mobile device to our Image Optimization Cloud (IOC). There, the photos are processed (e.g. optimized, resized) depending on the selected parameters. After optimization, the photos are downloaded to the mobile device and saved either in another folder or over the original version of the photo.

The original version of the photo is usually deleted after a few seconds, right after it has been optimized. Then, the optimized version is kept on our IOC for up to 30 minutes, enough time for the mobile app to download it. After a maximum of 30 minutes, the photos are permanently removed.

Does the app work in the background?

Currently it doesn't work, but that's on our TODO list for the next version.

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