How are the credits counted when using the Archive Optimizer?

1 credit = 1 image

A credit is used each time the Archive Optimizer optimizes an image or PDF by at least 5%. If we're not able to optimize an image by at least 5%, then no credit will be used! :-)

Please note that if you choose to create WebP or AVIF files upon optimization, an extra credit will also be spent for every image that gets a WebP/AVIF.


Say you upload a .zip file with 50 images, and you choose to create WebP versions and AVIF.

  • Original file optimization: 50 credits
  • WebP creation: 50 credits
  • AVIF creation: 50 credits
  • Total credits used: 150 credits

If you don't want to worry about how many credits you are going to use, get the Unlimited plan! For only $9.99/month, you can optimize as many images as you want!

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