How the Subaccounts feature works

The Subaccounts feature allows you to:

  1. Generate API Keys for your clients.
  2. Set a quota for your clients.
  3. Check how many credits are left in your main account.

Important: this tool works only for one-time credits!

For more information about the Subaccounts, click here.

Returning credits from a subaccount to the main account

If for some reason you want to get back some credits from a subaccount you created, do the following. Let us take an example where the main account has 20000 credits and the subaccount has used 2000 of the 8000 credits allocated to it.

  1. Go to the Subaccounts menu in your account on
  2. Update the quota so that it totals 2000 credits instead of 8000 credits.
  3. Now the subaccount has 2000 credits and the 6000 that were not used are automatically returned to the main account.
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