How to disable the LQIPs on Autoptimize

What is an LQIP?

LQIP stands for Low-Quality Image Placeholders. They are very low-quality images that will be loaded with the initial page load, and once the page is fully loaded, they are replaced with the full quality ones.

What are LQIPs good for?

Since the LQIPs are low-quality images, they are very light. This means that by adding LQIPs to your page, you will actually  speed up the loading speed in comparison to a normal loading with your regular images (without LQIP). This is especially useful on slow mobile connections, where the user experience is far better when seeing an LQIP instead of a blank space where an image will then be loaded. In this way, the site visitor will know that an image will be loaded where the LQIP is, thus improving the user experience and also the scores on slow connections.

How can I disable them?

Autoptimize has LQIPs enabled by default. If you wish to disable them, simply enter the following on your functions.php file:

add_filter( 'autoptimize_filter_imgopt_lazyload_dolqip', '__return_false' );

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