How does the unlimited plan work?

If you have signed up with ShortPixel and a monthly plan or a one-time plan is not enough for you, you can opt for one of our Unlimited plans:
  • Unlimited plan for 1 domain
  • Unlimited plan for 5 domains
  • Unlimited plan for 10 domains

With this subscription, you will have access to an unlimited quota for the number of domains you choose. You will be billed automatically every month until you decide to cancel your payments. Easy!

How to get the unlimited subscription

  1. Go to our pricing page:
  2. Choose which plugin you (want to) use (Image Optimizer or Adaptive Images) and then select "Unlimited".

  3. Click on the "Get Started" button.
  4. Follow the instructions to sign up for an account and make the payment.

Important information about Unlimited plans

  • The Unlimited plans are only valid to use with ShortPixel Image Optimizer or ShortPixel Adaptive Images.
  • You can add only one, five or ten domains (depending on the plan you choose) and their staging/development counterparts, which you can do on the Unlimited ShortPixel special page.
  • Once a domain is defined as unlimited, this can be undone only once, and for that you should contact support. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you carefully consider which domain you want to optimize unlimited.

    But you can always have multiple ShortPixel accounts, each one with their own unlimited plan and associated domain.

  • You cannot have a regular monthly subscription and an unlimited subscription in the same account. If you want to have both, you will need to create an additional account:
  • If you already have one-time credits, you can use them for the remaining domains in your account. The unlimited credits are used only for the unlimited domain.
  • AVIF image optimization is not available for unlimited plans.

How to add an unlimited domain and its staging counterpart

After purchasing your unlimited plan you have to decide which 1, 5 or 10 domains you want to set as unlimited. You do that in your ShortPixel account under the "Unlimited ShortPixel" section.

After you have added an unlimited domain, you can add its staging domain. To do this, click on "Add Staging Domain" and simply enter it in the field.

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