Why is my image not converted to WebP or AVIF?

Important: This article explains the reasons why the .webp or .avif files may not be physically generated. Instead, if you are experiencing delivering issues (for example, PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix tells you so), please refer to this or this article.

Converting your JPG, PNG or GIF image to WebP or AVIF is a very simple task with our ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin. However, you may find that not all of your images or thumbnails are converted to WebP or AVIF. For example, in the screenshot below you can see that only the 600x338 thumbnail has a WebP counterpart:

If our algorithms generate a WebP or AVIF file that is larger than the original image, our plugin simply does not store it on your server to reduce credit consumption and does not deliver it to your website visitors.

If you still want to use the next generation images, even if they are larger, you have several solutions for that:

  1. Exclude these images from optimization: How to exclude images from being optimized?
  2. Optimize these images, but do not convert them to WebP. You have two options for this:
    1. Optimize your images as usual while generating WebP, and then manually delete the .webp files using an FTP client or file manager
    2. Temporarily turn off WebP generation in ShortPixel's settings, optimize your problematic images, and then re-enable WebP generation.
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