Possible issues with NextDNS and shortpixel.ai

We have received reports of connectivity issues from devices that are under the NextDNS service, such as:

  • Images are not displayed
  • Stats not visible
  • Problems with domain mapping

NextDNS uses EasyList, and this one contains a $popup rule that NextDNS interprets in an aggressive way, which results in simply blocking anything coming from our CDN domain (shortpixel.ai).

The reason for this is that NextDNS sees this as a rule modifier issue, not a domain issue, and relies on the customer to rule it out instead of dealing with it from their end. In fact, they have taken a similar approach with other CDN domains.

Bottom line, if you are using NextDNS and ShortPixel Adaptive Images (or Autoptimize) and are having issues with the plugins, please disable NextDNS as there is unfortunately nothing we can do from our end.

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