How affiliate links work

When users click on an affiliate link, a cookie is stored in their browser for one month. Immediately after they sign-up on our website or within the next 30 days from the time they click on the link, they'll be registered in our system with the affiliate reference. Shortly after their purchase, 30% of the revenue goes to the affiliate.

It's important to remember that if a user already has an account with ShortPixel, even if the affiliate sends the link and the user clicks on it before making a purchase, nothing will be credited to the affiliate.

The affiliate links have the following format:

Depending on the CODE value, the user will be redirected to a specific URL. By default, the affiliate links point to the pricing page, but if you want you can edit this by changing the CODE value as follows:

CODE Value
Redirected URL Affiliate link example

In addition, each page on the website can be linked as follows:

  1. visit a page you would like to link to, e.g.
  2. add at the end "/af/" and then the AFFILIATE_CODE, for example
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