ShortPixel Adaptive Images vs. Autoptimize's "Optimize images" option

Which one shluld I use? ShortPixel Adaptive Images(SPAI) or Autoptimize's "Optimize images on the fly and serve them from a CDN" option?

Both use the same ShortPixel service, the ShortPixel Adaptive Images API. The main difference is that Autoptimize uses a server based approach (replaces the URLs server-side with the CDN url), ShortPixel's approach is more complex as it tries to determine on the browser what is the image's resolution for that particular device.

ShortPixel Adaptive Images produces better sized images in most of the cases but could also have incompatibilities with the theme and it lazy-loads the images, in order to be able to do its magic. :)

ShortPixel can deliver "next-gen" images regardless whether your website uses a CDN (e.g. Cloudflare) or not. Autoptimize won't be able to deliver WebP images when using a CDN.

Our advice is to try ShortPixel Adaptive Images and if you see any incompatibility to fall back to Autoptimize's option.

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