ShortPixel Adaptive Images crops off my images, how can I solve it?

Sometimes it happens that ShortPixel Adaptive Images crops off some images. For example, from this image

SPAI can do this (see the bottom part):

It happens especially on small images, where adding a single pixel on width or height will change the aspect ratio notably. In the previous example, the original image had a width/height ratio of 391/97 = 4,03, and the resized image had a width/height ratio of 174/42=4,14, which is very close. If you tried to add 1 pixel of height, it led to a ratio of 4,05 and still cropped the logo off. If we added 2 pixels of height, that led to a ratio of 3,95 and it cropped off the image from the right.

The suggested solution for now is to try to add 2-3 rows of pixels at the bottom of your logo, and this should solve the issue. It is the fastest and possibly the best option.

As an alternative you could also try to exclude images affected by this.

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