Some images load very slow from the CDN

If you have checked your website on GTmetrix or another page speed tester, or from the Developer Tools of your browser, and you see that some images coming from or have long loading times like this one,

the usual reasons are:

  • If you use ShortPixel Adaptive Images, you may have a plugin or theme conflicting with it. Please have a look at this article to make sure all is in order: I installed ShortPixel Adaptive Images but it doesn't seem to work.
  • It is a false positive. Please re-test your page: in most of the cases, this is due to a temporary connection issue. The path between your website and your browser (or your page speed tester) is not direct, and many variables are involved in the loading time of a resource: the time of the day, the current traffic, the location of the servers, etc. We recommend you to have a look at the following article: About GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights and other website speed testers
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