Can I use my own WebP/AVIF files with ShortPixel Image Optimizer?

Yes, with some caveats.

As you know, ShortPixel Image Optimizer can create WebP and/or AVIF files when your Media Library is optimized. Moreover, you can also deliver them to compatible browsers: How to serve WebP files using SPIO.

If you have your own WebP/AVIF files and want ShortPixel to deliver them, you just need to do the following:

  1. Enable one of ShortPixel's WebP/AVIF delivery options (Settings > ShortPixel > Advanced > Next Generation Images > Deliver the next generation versions of the images in the front-end)
  2. Upload your WebP/AVIF files to the same folder as your original images with the same name (but different extension). For example:

Note: If you do not have the original file (JPG, PNG or GIF), ShortPixel will ignore the WebP/AVIF file you uploaded. In other words, you must have the original file next to the WebP/AVIF file if you want to use ShortPixel's delivery features.
IMPORTANT: If you have enabled WebP/AVIF file creation (different from "delivery") and have not yet optimized your WebP files, ShortPixel will see an existing .webp or .avif file when optimizing your files and therefore create a .jpg.webp or .jpg.avif to avoid overwriting the file you have already uploaded.
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